A Northwest Coast Hamatsa raven mask
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A Northwest Coast Hamatsa raven mask
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Property from the estate of Paul Dyck, Rimrock, AZ
A Northwest Coast Hamatsa raven mask
Don Lelooska, the enormous mask marked by prominent eye sockets, each with central pierced eye within the recessed eyeball, the articulated beak marked by flaring nostrils, the upper mouth lined with copper teeth, carved wood pin feathers overhead, with raffia attachments on top and about the rear section and base.
length 42in.
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  • Though unsigned, the attribution to Don Lelooska has been made by his brother Tsungani Fearon Smitty of Ariel, Washington. Smitty, who worked side-by-side with his older brother for many years, suggested this is an early example of Don's work.
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