A group of Nandi items: shield, headdress; spear; "Africa Speaks" book; collection notes
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A group of Nandi items: shield, headdress; spear; "Africa Speaks" book; collection notes
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African, Southeast Asian, Oceanic and Latin American Property from Palm Springs Art Museum, sold to benefit the Acquisitions Fund
A group of Nandi items
Kenya, including a shield, of characteristic ovoid form, the thick concave hide reinforced with stout wood handle, a black serrated band bisecting the front plane, concentric serrated arcs across one half, the other half undecorated save for a single floriform accent and a broad ochre band along the edge; a spear, ngotit, the lengthy blade bearing evidence of a furious encounter; and a lion headdress, kutua, of towering conical form, a tapering triangulate back, cowrie shells across the narrow headband.
length of shield 35 1/4in
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  • Collected by explorer and documentary cinematographer Paul L. Hoefler, F.R.G.S., during the Colorado African Expedition between the years 1928-1930. Accompanying this lot are an inascribed copy of Hoefler's book "Africa Speaks: A Story of Adventure", John C. Winston Company, 1931, and a binder from the Palm Springs Museum containing collection notes and photographs. In his notes Hoefler states, "On page 177 in 'Africa Speaks' is a photograph of the Nandi warrior, Ngetuny Siiya, who speared the lion photographed (pages 178-180.) The headdress he is wearing (made from the mane of the speared lion), the shield he is holding (note where lion bit a hole through shield) and the spear are our items. Please refer to 'Africa Speaks' on pages 174 - 185 concerning the lion spearing in which these items were involved." The shield is also visible in one of two photographs of the warriors and the lion included in the binder.