A Paiute polychrome basket, Tina Charlie
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A Paiute polychrome basket, Tina Charlie
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Baskets Property from the Cain Family Collection
A Paiute polychrome basket
Tina Charlie, 1929, of degikup form, the smoothly curving sides decorated with three panels of stacked triangles, each worked in concentric linear devices, serrates and negative triangle bands, these complemented by a trio of surmounted stepped diamond lozenges alternating in dark and light sewing material.
height 10 1/4in, diameter 20 1/2in
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  • Craig Bates' notes indicate: "This is the basket which Charlie exhibited at the 1929 Indian Field Days in Yosemite Valley. It is very evenly and neatly made, with 18 stitches and 5 1/2 coils per inch. The basket is in perfect condition; I could only find one bracken fern root stitch missing. It is one of perhaps only ten large baskets of this size ever produced in the Yosemite-Mono Lake Region."