Chamber Nautilus Shell and Aquamarine Necklace
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Chamber Nautilus Shell and Aquamarine Necklace
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Chamber Nautilus Shell and Aquamarine Necklace
Nautilus pompilius
Pacific Ocean

The chambered nautilus is a cephalopod mollusk, most closely related to the cuttlefish, squid, and octopus. Little changed in the last 500 million years, nautilus are considered by some scientists to be "living fossils." Living nautilus are now found only in the waters of the tropical Western Pacific, where they live near the deep slopes of coral reefs.
The external shell of the nautilus is produced by mantle tissue as in their distant relatives, the snails. But, unlike snails, the nautilus shell is divided into compartments and the animal occupies only the outer-most "living chamber." It creates new and larger “rooms”, each one exactly 6.3 percent larger than the last –a perfect Fibonacci sequence —and moves from old to new as it grows. This attractive necklace is formed of sections of the inner shell of the chamber nautilus. The shell was fabricated into beads by native craftsmen in the Phillipines. The luminescent qualities of the shell are highlighted with bright blue polished rondelles of Brazilian aquamarine, completed by a hand-made 18K yellow gold clasp.
Length 22 in.