Opal and Rock Crystal Flower Study—“Snowdrops”
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Opal and Rock Crystal Flower Study—“Snowdrops”
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Opal and Rock Crystal Flower Study—“Snowdrops”
By Manfred Wild
Evoking the humble Spring flower common in the forests of Northern Europe, this elegant sculpture is designed as a vase with an arrangement of snowdrops. The translucent green leaves of Russian nephrite enhance the composition and contrast with the flowerheads carved of white kascholong,. The name kascholong is derived from Mongolian. It describes a translucent, white or colored common opal with a porcelain appearance, with similarities to mother-of-pearl—which is why it is also known as the “mother-of-pearl opal”. The present high-quality material, originating in Siberia, is extremely porous and suitable for carving due to its hardness (Mohs 7.5), which is greater than opal and more comparable to chalcedony. The basket-shaped vase, carved of rock crystal quartz, bears granulated gold decorated borders. The snowdrops emerge from a bed of “moss” formed of 18K yellow gold “tendrils” and each flower has a stem formed of 18K yellow gold.
Height 7 ½ in.

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