1970 Lamborghini Miura SV,
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1970 Lamborghini Miura SV Coupé 4443
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1970 Lamborghini Miura SV Coupé
Coachwork by Bertone

Registration no. DPC 106H
Chassis no. 4443
Engine no. 30470


  • In February 1970 the factory sold left-hand drive chassis number ‘4443’ to its agent AutoElite of Milan. The car went to Japan in 1976 and was registered there, and in 1979 passed to its second Japanese owner. In 1990 it was bought by Richard Springett in Tokyo and shipped to the UK where it was purchased in 1996 by the current owner. The car was inspected by the UK DVLA registration authorities in 1996 and a V5 document issued together with an age-related registration ‘DPC I06H’. A document was also issued by the Lamborghini factory to verify that the chassis number (on front chassis cross-member) and engine number (on top of engine block) were correct and original.
    When purchased in 1996, the car was in need of total restoration and the opportunity was taken to up-grade it from partial SV specification, which it had been virtually from new, to a fuller SV specification. Restoration information and advice was researched from the restoration department of the Lamborghini factory, UK Lamborghini experts Del Hopkins and Colin Clarke, Lamborghini Club UK, Miura expert Piet Pulford and others.
    The car comes with a lengthy and detailed description of the many SV and other upgrades incorporated at the time of restoration, which commenced in 2002 with extensive chassis strengthening and fitting the superior SV-type rear suspension. The entire body, chassis and other relevant components were then transported to Italy, where new SV front and rear ends were constructed. This work was carried out by Mabert SRL who still work for Bertone and consequently have the Miura ‘bucks’ from which the new panels were fabricated. The original front and rear bumpers, original rear honeycomb grille, new rear lights, original front grilles, original SV headlamp units complete with restored electric lift motors, original black engine slats and original catches were also taken to Italy to ensure correct fitting. The body was painted in Rosso Corsa (same as code Ferrari 300) while the sills and wheels were finished in Honda Sunflash Gold 226, these modern colours being the closest possible match to the originals. Modern two-pack paints were used for durability, finish and ease of future repair.
    The entire engine/transmission unit was cleaned, dismantled and inspected, and the lubrication system changed to the later SV ‘split sump’ type, which uses separate reservoirs for engine and transmission oil. This was done to increase component life, as after 20,000 miles the ‘combined oil’ models needed engine and gearbox rebuilds. This work was carried out by Lamborghini specialist Colin Clarke, who also re-bored and honed the engine block liners from standard to +0.20”. He also carried out later modifications to the oil gallery system and rebuilt the gearbox and differential with many new factory components (synchros, bearings, etc). An SV has longer CV-type driveshafts to suit the SV’s wider track. In this case, the original drive shafts have been retained with an aluminium spacer to suit the SV rear suspension.
    Colin Clarke also modified the internals of the two distributors to accommodate electronic ignition for increased performance and greater reliability. This ‘fit and forget’ modification eliminates the laborious exercise of readjusting mechanical contact points. Modern, lightweight, forged pistons – superior to Lamborghini’s ‘old technology’ - were supplied by Ross and filled with Total Seal piston rings for increased performance and longer life.
    The crankshaft was taken to a specialist engineering shop and found to be straight and in good condition. New big-end bearings, main bearings and thrust rings were supplied by the Lamborghini factory (via their agent Top Motors of Modena). The blanked off oil-way plugs in the crankshaft were removed. Although difficult and time consuming, this is the only way properly to clean out swarf and debris. The crankshaft was reground by 0.010” and heat-treated before reinstallation. New crank plugs were fitted and the crankshaft reinstalled.
    New hardened valve seats were fitted to the cylinder head so that modern super-unleaded fuel can be used. Lamborghini never fitted oil seals to the valve stems, an omission that caused the engine to smoke and consume oil prematurely. Appropriate valve stem seals were sourced and modified, and the valve guides machined to accept them. The carburettors were taken to a Weber specialist in Italy (CDM of Turin) who supplied a replacement set of four reconditioned triple-choke ‘S’ units. The car had been fitted with SVJ-type ram pipes with gauze air filters, which were retained.
    In addition, the radiator was re-cored, the original Koni dampers reconditioned at the factory, the braking system thoroughly overhauled and new ventilated discs fitted, the interior re-trimmed in black leather, and black Wilton carpeting laid inside the car and in the luggage compartment. New SV magnesium rear wheels were fitted together with new (Eurospares) SV front wheels. The spare is an S wheel. The original-type Pirelli tyres are no longer available so four new Pirellis of correct speed rating were fitted (225/60/15 P7 front and 275/55/15 R4000 rear.) The spare wheel also is fitted with a Pirelli tyre.
    After the restoration’s completion in January 2005 the car completed the Coppa Milano-Sanremo Classic Rally. This involved driving around the Monza Grand Prix Circuit as well as several hundred kilometres on Italian roads. UK road rallies included the Classic Charities Dash to Goodwood Circuit, Dunsfold (BBC Top Gear) test track and Brooklands and also the BEN Classic road rally At the tough Val Saviore Hillclimb in Italy, several runs were made up the 4000ft-in-10kms road and the Miura won ‘Best Car’ award. Again in Italy, there were several runs at the ‘Speed Event of the Year’ - the Vernasca Silver Flag Hillclimb. The car has also been the subject of many features in motoring magazines. Pre-restoration the odometer showed 39,771 kilometres and the current reading (October 2005) is circa 42,320.
    After around 2,500 kilometres of driving in varied conditions and speeds, all is well although the left-hand steering rack bush has very slight wear. The windscreen wipers work well although the self-park is inoperative.
    Sensibly and sympathetically upgraded, and of proven dependability, this magnificent Miura is offered with restoration invoices, UK (historic, tax exempt) road fund licence to 31st January 2006, MoT to February 2006 and Swansea V5 registration document.
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