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Hunting case pocket watch, the dial signed 'Hampden', case engraved 'C.W.C.CO./ Trade Mark/ Stirling/ 645', the stirling case repoussé with rococo flowers, shields and swags, minute hand lacking and other signs of wear, 40mm. across; in an envelope addressed to Dr T. E. Faber at Corpus Christi College, inscribed by Lady Faber "TSE’s first watch", [c.1900]


  • The "silver huntingcase watch" given to the twelve-year old T.S. Eliot for Christmas 1900 and passed on by him to his thirteen-year-old godson, Tom Faber, son of his publisher and colleague Geoffrey Faber. On 20 August 1940, Eliot wrote to Tom's mother, discussing presents and thank-you letters: "He is, in any case, more effusive than his Gd. Fr. was at the same age. I remember, at the age of twelve, being given my first watch for Christmas (and in those days before Ingersoll the present of a watch, a silver huntingcase watch, was a matter of some solemnity) I still have it and he can have it if it can be made to go: but who wants a silver huntingcase watch nowadays?) I merely observed that I had also hoped to be given a new Stamp Album. I was reprimanded for this breach of courtesy" (see Eliot's letters to Enid Faber below). The Hampden Watch Company of Springfield and Canton, Ohio, traded between 1877 and 1930.
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