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Collection of leaves from illuminated manuscripts, comprising examples attributed to the atelier of the Boucicaut Master (leaf from a Book of Hours of 1408 from the Chester Beatty collection, the borders slightly stained by a freak storm in 1846), a leaf from a French Bible of c.1275, from a Flemish Psalter of c.1250, another of c.1250, an English Bible of c.1375, a Benedictine Breviary of c.1450-1500, a South German or Swiss Breviary of 1457, a fourteenth century Breviary (Use of Cologne), a Book of House (Use of Paris) c.1475, a fourteenth century Breviary (Use of Cologne), an East Anglian Book of Hours of the first half of the fourteenth century, a mid-fifteenth-century Flemish Book of Hours, and a Spanish Psalter (Psalm 147) of c.1220, on vellum, mounts; together with a collection of French legal and family documents, approximately 70 pieces, folio, from the collection of Sir Thomas Phillipps, 1502-1699; a Victorian journal, and other material
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