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Lot 258
A group of miscellaneous items (9)
Sold for £478 (US$ 802) inc. premium
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Lot Details
A group of miscellaneous items
Various Periods
Including a Canosan terracotta figure of a boy, his garments loosely draped around his waist, his upper torso bare, holding an object in his left hand, set on an integral base with a rectangular vent-hole at the back, with white and pink slip remaining, circa 3rd Century B.C., 5in. (12.3cm.) high; a Greek South Italian black glazed single-handled cup, circa 4th Century B.C., 25/8in. (7cm.) diam of rim; a Roman pale green glass bowl with folded rim, circa 2nd Century A.D., 4¼in. (11.2cm.) diam, some cracks and surface encrustation; a terracotta head of a youth with upward-looking head, thick flowing hair and arched brow, possibly Hellenistic, 3¼in. (8cm.) diam., mounted, with an old label attached; a damaged Roman pottery oil lamp, circa 2nd Century A.D., 4in. (10.1cm.); a Greek South Italian single-handled juglet with crimson and black bands around the middle, the lower body black glazed, Hellenistic, 3¾in. (9.5cm.) high, repaired and chipped; a bronze archers ring, with three central spurs and two loops, possibly Greek, 23/8in. (6cm.), with old ink inscribed label; a small Roman pottery unguentarium, 2in. (5cm.), and a marble fragment inscribed with a red fish and lettering (9)


  • Provenance:
    Ex Hall collection, Norfolk.
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