A miscellaneous group of bronzes including 21 rings, 13 bangles and earrings, 15 fittings and 1 Byza
Lot 235
A miscellaneous group of bronze and silver items (a lot)
Sold for £776 (US$ 1,299) inc. premium
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Lot Details
A miscellaneous group of bronze and silver items
Various Periods
Including a Byzantine bronze cross the flaring arms with incised dot and circle motifs on both sides and loop for suspension at the top, circa 8th-10th Centuries A.D., 3¼in. (8.2cm.); some medical and other implements, including two long needles with eyes; an ear-scoop and a spoon, 6in. (15.3cm.) possibly Roman, some later and other items, including a fork and a crescent-shaped cutting tool and others, possibly Byzantine; a group of bronze and silver rings including a sheet silver ring with an oval carnelian intaglio carved with a fish, circa 3rd Century A.D., finger size 'E'; a silver ring with nicolo intaglio, circa 3rd-4th Century A.D., finger size 'L', heavily corroded; a Roman bronze ring with shoulder spurs and a cabochon oval intaglio, circa 2nd-4th Centuries A.D., finger size 'N', and other Roman bronze rings with integral oval carved bezels, and some later Islamic rings; a variety of bronze bangles, including a Luristan bronze penannular bangle with rounded four eye terminals with incised bands, circa 9th-8th Century B.C., 3in. (7.8cm.); another Persian penannular bangle with square terminals and incised decoration, 2½in. (6.5cm.); two bangles with cross-over ends and wrapped around terminals, circa 1st-2nd Century A.D., 3in. (7.7cm.) maximum diam., and two Persian bronze earrings each with four rounded nodules, circa 9th-8th Century B.C., 11/8in. (3cm.) and various other bangles; two Roman bronze keys, one with serrated edge and incised decoration on the arm, small loop below, 2nd-4th Centuries B.C., 2¼in. (5.7cm.), the other with wide loop handle, possibly later, 17/8in. (4.8cm.), and various other items (a lot)
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