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Fine and extensive collection of letters by Sir James Mackintosh, Konstantin von Tischendorff, Daines Barrington (sending a book to Bishop Percy), Richard Porson (group), Thomas Arnold (about interviewing a boy), Lodovico Antonio Muratori (letter illustrated with coins, 1739), Beaupré Bell, John Britton, H.T. Buckle, Thomas Bond (about medals), William Bray, E.B. Cowell, Champollion le Jeune, Alexander Dyce (to Moxon: “at your printing-office there happens to be a Reader who is not disposed to confine himself to the mere suggesting of alterations”), Robert Cole (collection folder), Francis Douce, Sir Henry Ellis, J.A. Froude, William Gilpin, Richard Gough (fine antiquarian letter to Owen Manning, the historian of Surrey), Thomas Grenville (“…I do not delay to express my readiness to agree to your offer of your Book of St Alban’s for Seventy Guineas…”), Thomas Tonkin (Cornish survey and letter), Captain Francis Grose, Guizot, Robert Henry, Sir William Jones, William Robertson (Deputy Keeper of the Records of Scotland), E.W. Lane, A.H. Layard, W.M. Leake (concerning Greek archaeology, 1836), John Lemprière (author of the classical dictionary), Francis Wise the Radcliffe Librarian (1753), Daniel Lysons, Charles Lyttelton (two fine antiquarian letters, 1754 and 1765, one to Ducarel), David Masson, Samuel Rush Meyrick, Jeremiah Milles (on a subterranean church at Agate, etc), Max Müller, Antonio Panizzi, Samuel Parr, Silvestre de Sacy (arabist), Sir John Seeley, the lexicographer William Smith, Lord Strangford (to William Upcott), Joseph Strutt (finely pedantic letter to J.B. Nichols of the Gentleman’s Magazine), William Stubbs (letter containing a frank critique of an historical work submitted to him), the historian of Durham Robert Surtees, John Swinton (letter to the engraver about coins, with a proof), John Thorpe (concerning Kentish researches, 1727), historian Sharon Turner, historian P.F. Tytler, William Upcott (to Dawson Turner), the orientalist traveller Armin Vambery (1865), Gilbert Wakefield (written from Dorchester Gaol during his imprisonment there for seditious libel, 1801), William Wraxall, Nathan Drake, physician and Shakespeare commentator, Thomas Birch (soliciting correspondence having been elected Secretary of the Royal Society, 1752), Francis Horner, Jean Louis Delolme, and others, guards
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