Property from the Monterey Maritime Museum, Monterey, California.
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Property from the Monterey Maritime Museum, Monterey, California. A Rare Pair of Vincenzo Coronelli 18 1/2-inch Terrestrial and Celestial Globes, Italian, circa 1696,
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Property from the Monterey Maritime Museum, Monterey, California. A Rare Pair of Vincenzo Coronelli 18 1/2-inch Terrestrial and Celestial Globes, Italian, circa 1696,
Property from the Monterey Maritime Museum, Monterey, California. Property from the Monterey Maritime Museum, Monterey, California. Property from the Monterey Maritime Museum, Monterey, California. Property from the Monterey Maritime Museum, Monterey, California.
the terrestrial globe with two sets of twelve copper engraved half gores and two polar calottes, the sphere mounted in iron meridian with graduated scales, octagonal horizon ring and base with three turned columns, the horizon applied with engraved calendar, zodiac and degree scales, the gores with prime meridian labelled Circulo del Primo Meridiano dal quale si principiano a contare li Gradi di Longitudine, the tropic of Capricorn labelled Circulo del Tropico Hiemale o del Capricorno o Australe e dell'Antartico, along the Antartic Circle is a label TIERRA D AUSTRE LA TERRA MAGELLANICA AUSTRALE O MERIDIONALE INCOGNITA, a cartouche printed with notes on Magellan's voyage Fernando Magaglianes poco contento del Re di/ Portogallo suo Signore, ottenute 237. Persone da/ Carlo V parti da Siuiglia con 5 Naui nei di 10 Ag. 1519/ per stabilire uerso le Molucche strada piu breue, che/ per il C di Buona Speranza. Scoperto lo Stretta a 31/ Marzo 1520, e nominato lo di Magaglianes, entro nel/ Mare del Sud, e doppo hauer girata tutta la Terra/ in 3 anni, e 28 giorni, e fatte 14460 leghe, ritorno/ a Siuiglia con una sola Maue detta poi Vittoria/ net 1522 7 dibre da lui numerato 6/ per la nauigatione uerso/ L'Occaso.
The celestial sphere mounted within meridian and stand to match the terrestrial globe, the sphere applied with two sets of copper-engraved half gores and two polar calottes, cartouche with printed address Amico Lettore/ Oltre ai molti Globi delineati dal P./Cosmografo Coronelli per Sourani diversi di/uarie e stampati misure, ne ha ultimamente com/posti e stampati di cinque grandezze a publico/ beneficio fra quali i piu commodi, ed esatti sono / i presenti. I Numeri che accompagnano le / Stelle calcolate all'Epoca del 1700; cosi l'altre/ notitie ed uso de me desimi Globi, uengono / nel suo Epitome Cosmografico diffu / samente spiegati Terrestrial Globe: loss of paper at South Pole, band of patched restoration with manuscript running from Indian Ocean through China, Japan, Pacific Ocean, and into Canada, come discolouration, stand with replaced uprights. Celestial globe with some minor paper loss, some discoloration to gores, stand with worm to base, upights replaced, horizon ring pierced by three upright caps, missing one foot.


  • Vincenzo Coronelli (1650-1718) considered by many to be the pre-eminent globe maker of the period, at the age of 15 became a novice in the Franciscan Order and also trained as a wood engraver. He eventually became the official cosmographer of the Republic of Venice and wrote more than one hundred works of terrestrial and celestial cosmography in Latin, French and Italian.
    In his work "Atlante Veneto" he provided the first complete description of the whole world and in 1678 he constructed a pair of terrestrial and celestial globes for the Duke of Palma. His international reputation in globe construction was made when commissioned by Louis XIV to produce a massive pair of globes of 3.85 metres in diameter known as the "Marley Globes" they were widely admired by the court at Versailles.
    In 1684 Vincenzo founded the Academy of Argonauts which was located in the friary of Frari in Venice and focused on the study of navigation and globe making. Vincenzo continued his experiments in hydraulics including a system for pumping water for fire fighting and in 1699 Pope Innocent XII commissioned him to help with the construction of a new port at Anzio. In 1717 he was invited by Emperor Charles VI to study the problems of the flooding of the Danube and his system of canals and locks was so successful that his designs were used to control flooding in other areas of the Austrian Empire.

    A similar pair of Coronelli globes dated 1699 are part of the Lanman Collection at the Yale University Library, catalogue no. globes 20/21 and another pair dated 1696 at the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich. See Decker (Elly), Globes at Greenwich, OUP 1999, catalogue nos. GLBO 124,125. See also E.L. Stevenson, Terrestial and Celestial Globes (New Haven, 1921), II, p.118 and illustration, and with the locations of a number of other examples at p.257.
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